5 Reasons I know i'm a...

For this weeks Listography Kate has left it sort of open for us. The title is 'The 5 Reasons I Know I'm a...' I was going to do this the other night but I was feeling a bit miserable so all I could think of was silly, negative things so I put it down to come back to later.

So here is later and here is my 5 reasons I know I'm a slightly....Obsessive Compulsive...

1. I have my food cupboard 'just so'. Labels face forward and even Other Half is scared to go in there!

2. I place items in my bathroom in height order

3. I really, really like to cross the crossing before the green man disappears and the sound stops. If it doesn't happen that's okay, but I feel some what successful if I can do this!

4. The kitchen should be the cleanest place in my home. I am a big kitchen wiper..Always wiping those tops me!

5. Finally, at night when I read to my Little Miss sometimes I'm so tired I want to skip a page or two but I simply cannot do it, it feels very wrong and almost 'naughty!!'

Alright so I'm a little obsessive compulsive (or a bit weird) but I'm quite happy! Have a look at Kate Takes 5 to see everyone else's contribution to this weeks Listography.

Cupcake Mumma