This new meme from ActuallyMummy and Mammasaurus is open to all to share some Sunday Fun. Weather it's a funny post, a funny picture, something funny your children have said or done, why not share it here?

My Sunday Funny would have to be, and see if you can enter that wonderful world of picture imagination for this one, walking down the stairs from putting Little Man to bed I could hear all sorts going on in the front room where I left Little Miss and Daddy playing.

On entering the front room, laying on the sofa, pillow under t-shirt is Other Half, red in the face from 'pushing' and Little Miss, sleeves rolled up, hair back, plastic stethoscope around her neck holding a little crying, naked baby doll in her pudgy little hand.

Well I laughed so hard I tell you. Other Half was totally mortified to be taking part in such role play. I think he secretly enjoyed it...He drew a line at Little Miss wanting her turn. How does a 4 year old know so much about birth? Have I been talking in my sleep again?

I appreciate you'd have to be there to witness this and probably find it funny, but the look of terror on Other Half's face was priceless as was the look of shear excitment on Little Miss's face. 

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Sunday Funny!