Do Something Yummy! Creative Post

Do Something Yummy is a campaign run by CLIC Sergant, the children's cancer charity. Over the last six years Mums all over the UK have been helping to raise money for the chairty by 'doing 
something yummy'. I myself wouldn't mind holding a little get together. Some cake munching and tea drinking (hot chocolate is much better in my book) to raise a few pennies.

Nickie over at Typecast is holding blog prompts and link ups for this wonderful charity. These prompts from Nickie will be run throughout February and everyone is welcome to take part by linking up and helping to promote this good cause. 

Yummy Mummy Week runs form 10th-18th March. Click here to find out more and to get a fundraising pack of your own.

For week 1 we were set this prompt: 'What your Children mean to you'. 

I thought i'd be a bit creative. I've written a lot about why I had my children, and especially with my first child I have spoken about how much she has changed my life in terms of confidence. I think about what my children mean to me daily but when its all quiet in the house and I creep into their room to look at my sleeping beauites snuggled in their beds, I often think 'where would I be without you? For one moment you think what life would be like without your child, even for a night..let alone a longer time. Let alone for rest of your life...


In a dark room surrounded by the things that are never supposed to matter, lies a woman in the middle of a bed staring into nothingness.. There is a man perched cautiously on the edge, tears silently rolling from his eyes, hands clasped tight, shaking in silence.
It is night time. Outside is black but inside feels darker. The whole world is the darkest place right now. 
The woman rises to sit beside her husband, resting a weak, pale hand on top of his. Both husband and wife slowly turn to face each other. For one moment they let the darkness take over them. 
The door to their room slowly opens allowing light to filter in. Swiftly the tears are wiped, though it is clear to see them on the surface threatening to spill out. 
At the door way, clutching a small, ragged teddy bear stands a wide eyed little girl with a beautiful smile on her face.
'Mummy? Daddy? She asks softly. What's the matter?'
The woman stretches out her arms welcoming the warmth of her precious little daughter. 
' For one moment, we thought what it would be like if everything was different..'
' Was it sad Mummy?' She asks, sweetly.
'Oh very. But you know what?' 
' What Mummy?'
The woman looks to her husband as he touches the fine strands of light blond hair on his daughters head.
' You're not going anywhere.'
The little girl smiles knowingly widening her big, blue eyes. 
' I'm going no where Mummy'

I have never been in this situation and I pray that I never will be. Especially with my children. But through charities like this children really do have a chance, they really won't be going anywhere.

Please link up or spread the word about Yummy Mummy Week and CLIC Sergant and don't forget to link any posts up over at Typecast!


  1. Gorgeous piece of creative writing. I love it!

    Thanks for sharing this post for the #dosomethingyummy campaign

    1. Thanks Nickie I was worried about it!

      I look forward to linking up some more. Hannah x

  2. Thanks for sharing Hannah. A beautiful piece of writing, so much emotion. I really appreciate you getting involved in #dosomethingyummy

  3. Love this post and how you really taken the time to write something truly creative x

  4. Just getting round to reading all the other #dosomethingyummy posts before this weeks all go live.

    Wonderfully written, I did have a big lump in my throat reading this. I can't bear ever to let my mind go there, I can imagine writing this must have been emotional.


    1. Thank you so much Julie-Ann for reading i'm glad you liked it as i was worried about it. It wasn't easy to write, but in terms of making sure it was right, and had the right 'feel' to it. Without it sounding horrible, Im glad it provoked that feeling, as i also felt as you said, emotional.
      Thank you Hannah