I'm not sure what week I'm on at the moment but what i do know is that I've done sod all exercise all week. Perhaps it's because i am so damn cold I don't like the idea of bouncing about in a legging and short sleeved top combo. Granted I will soon warm up, but i have to freeze before I do. Or perhaps the more likely option is and I'm sure you may well agree is that I am simply too lazy!

My diet is improving though. I have found some cornflakes in the free from aisle in Morrison's so I now have them for breakfast with soya milk and fruit. One day I used up the last of the strawberries and for the past two days I have had blueberries. I still won't eat without sugar but it is the tiniest amount ever.

I have not been adding salt to my dinner which is very good for me as I am usually a salt addict. I'm still working on my water intake which is just a bad habit. When i do drink more water I really do feel the difference. So what I really need to be focused on is drinking more and finally getting that exercise routine in place.

I had a take out last week but don't feel crap about that at all. We can all have a nice treat once in a while, I mean life's too short. I have realised though that I have not eaten any chocolate for about 2 weeks. I'm talking a big bar here, usually when it's a week before 'that time' I get pretty monstrous and loads of chocolate is usually the only way to calm me down. I'm not sure what has changed exactly but I seem to be a bit more mellow (ask other half) around this time now.

So, plenty to improve on but also plenty to be pleased with!
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