This week Baby I Promise

So last week we attempted the Tardis clay making and it failed miserably. Little Miss was incredibly sweet though and said it didn't matter, there is one more bag and we can have a go at making the Cyber Man instead. He is better so it will probably work better anyway.

I like her thinking.

We have continued with library group which I hope runs this week. There are not any groups running in term time so we can't be brave and venture into a new, unknown world of mothers and babies.

This week babies I promise: 
To simply make sure half term is not hideously long and boring. I Daddy has decided to take overtime so we won't see him much at all. It's just you and me this week pretty much. I also want to promise you, Little Man that you will have a wonderful day out on Saturday with your family and on Sunday, your 1st birthday, you will have a wonderful day.

Mummy x


  1. Ah, hope you have a great week, and that Little Man has a fab birthday!

    1. Oh thank-you im hoping the weather stays nice on Saturday! x