Birthday with Paradise Park Cornwall!

It was Little Mans' first birthday on 19th February so as a pre treat we went off on Saturday to Paradise Park located not too far from where we live. We chose to hop on the train myself, Little Miss, Other Half, Little Man and my sister all very excited.

Little Miss dressed up as a pirate for the Parks theme for the half term week. The staff really made an effort. There was a treasure hunt set up but because of the rain we decided to put a stop to the park tour and figured we'd come back at Easter for the Easter egg hunt they're putting on.

We saw some parrots and spent a while at the penguins. We got to see them fed and it was nice to see a number of toddlers being lifted over the wall to help feed the penguins their lunch. Little Miss was going to join in but the thought of putting her sandwich down to help some animal with their lunch was just a little too much to ask. Little Man enjoyed watching these wonderful creatures but you could see his brain ticking, trying to figure out exactly what these funny, waddling birds were.

That's when it started to rain. No actually-pour! We sat under a lovely wooden gazebo for a while eating our picnic (me being thrifty) before deciding to call it a day and head to the play barn. Lets face this is where it's at.

We had a great time and even though we left early it was no bad thing. Little Man had a couple of naps, we took lots of photos and had no tantrums. Result! I'll leave you with some photos of our day out. Please check out Paradise Park if you're ever down this way!

Cupcake Mumma

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