Gluten Free Pancakes!

If you're sick of Pancake Day posts, Facebook updates and Tweets then look away now because I am about to give you the delicious insight into the baking that Little Miss and I did tonight. Little Man has been poorly since last night picking up and going more downhill since lunchtime but that didn't stop me Oh no. Little Miss on her stool (making way too much mess), Little Man on my hip while I toss pancakes Super Mum? Nah, more like normal Mum!

We have all our ingredients ready to go!
'Mum, I do this egg you do that one'
My little chef!
Adding Mummy's' flour so she doesn't have to miss out on this yummy day
Having a good mix
Mummy's time to shine!
2 each *big smiles*
She does approve :)
   So there you have it, a nice evening spent cooking and eating pancakes much like many up and down the country. I think that tops a good first day back at school off nicely, don't you?

Cupcake Mumma

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