Project zero- Go To A Museum

Obviously I have been to a museum before but not in a jolly long time! So I'm just going to share some photos from the 7th January (yep bit slow I know) and hope you enjoy the peek at another successful challenge crossed off for this year!

Little Miss having a go on the rides. 
I missed a bit of this because I was reading my Big Issue!

This piece is called 'Invisable Sleeper' by Richard Austin and was in the Cathedral at Truro. It caused a bit of controversial talk when it was created and placed as people generally thought this was a real person sleeping rough and it shocked them. I think it is a very poignant sculpture and the man is incredibly life like. The Invisible Sleeper is all about how some of our homeless are hard to see. There are many homeless and a fair few are in rural locations where we have no idea who they are.

The Rialton Stone is a memorial stone of a 6th Century Christian in Truro's Museum. Here's Little Man with his Grandma and Pops. 
Precious little hands touching history.

Little Miss in front of a carriage which I believe was once ridden in by the Spanish Ambassador. 
Little Miss was quite taken aback by the size of the carriage considering the wheels are bigger than her!

Exploring the nature zone. 
Little Miss learnt about types of mushrooms and the footprints of animals in the wild. There were also a few sound effects of various birds one of them being the Cornish Chough which I'm ashamed to say I didn't even know existed! (Whoops!)

Oh her Aunt will be pleased she's behind a microscope! Little Miss really enjoyed looking so closely at the wings and bodies of various insects including a bee, a wasp, a beetle and a rather large moth.

To round off the day my Dad took this photo of me and my Little Miss outside the Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro.



  1. Ah another buddin young scientist in the family and taking after her Aunty Emmie :D

  2. Haha hope so Em!!

    Jenna it was so much fun next time ill just take little Miss so we can explore upstairs as well!