Dear So and So....

Dear So and So...

Dear Readers,
Hello to the lovely new followers of Cupcake Mumma I am so grateful to you for joining me! And a big thank-you to my fabulous already readers who I love catching up with after a long day. Nothing better than reading what you have all been up to.
Cupcake Mumma x

Dear Little Miss,
Please stop looking in THAT cupboard. You know it holds birthday surprises so please stop snooping. Please stop asking questions. Just. Please. Stop!
Thanking you kindly, Mummy xxx

Dear Little Man,
You can stop pulling out my pans while i'm on the subject of not doing things....
Love Mumma xxx

Dear Weather,
So, so nice of you to drop by all sunny and fresh. I can feel spring is on its way to Cornwall if no where else. The sun has brought out some daffodils which look lovely on the walk to nursery and it always lifts my mood to see light pouring through my windows even if it is still nippy on the outside!
Always grateful, Hannah

Have a good weekend everybody and don't forget if you fancy it, link up your post at 3 Bedroom Bungalow where Kat is waiting to read your weekly thoughts/ramblings anything really I presume! 


  1. I was so like Little Miss when I was young! Who am I kidding, I am the same way today. I hate surprises! I was praying for Winter to hit and now that it finally has I am so happy about it! I still sort of am wishing for that spring time weather thought!

  2. Now that sounds interesting Hannah!A birthday cupboard! *grins*

  3. Haha A Birthday cupboard more trouble than it's worth Jess!!

    Hi Jenna thanks for following :) I must admit i'd be lying if i wasn't just the same even now! Im not keen on surprises either to be honest!

  4. He he I have one that is rather fond of my saucepans!

  5. Lucky girl...spring.

    It is FRIGID here right now, and very windy!

    Ps...consider getting rid of word verification (especially the sneaky kind) and use comment moderation. It is more visitor friendly

  6. Haha it is certainetly freezing here too just it's so nice to see the little yellow daffodils out and about is wonderful and the sun is shining..shame a little warmth cannot be felt! Thanks for the tip Susan I think I have now sorted it! Hannah