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Pain. It effects everyone differently doesn't it? If there's one type of pain that will set everyone a part it's the pain of going through childbirth. For some it's a positive experience from start to finish where each contraction is breathed through where as for others a contraction needs to be screamed through whilest sucking in every bit of gas and air you can get!

With my daughter I had no idea what to expect. I didn't go to any classes as I couldn't get there. I read books and spoke to people on Mums forums about what to expect. Nothing can prepare you however for childbirth...
It was 16th January at 11pm that I started getting stronger contractions. I'm used to having quite strong period pains and this was what I was experiencing perhaps with a little more on top. I knew it was getting though when I asked Other Half to run a bath.

Within ten minutes of moving around knowing that things really were happening we called the midwife. Typical that when the midwife wants to see how you go through a contraction it seems to all calm down...only to pick up the minute you hang up. I was told 'call back when things felt more intense' needless to say this was again another ten minutes later.

My mother in law took me to the birthing unit with Other half where I was examined without too much discomfort at all to find I was already 4cm dilated and ready for my pain relief: the Birthing Pool. I was open minded about my pain relief options so wrote down that gas and air was worth a try. I couldn't stand the stuff! I had one go, felt dizzy then grossly sick. I made my mind up not to bother with this any longer and concentrate on breathing and holding on to Other Half who had climbed in the pool.

I remember the 2nd stage being painful, I cursed a few times then i had a very odd feeling indeed..I got up to go to the loo and quickly proceeded to the bed where I began pushing. And Oh My Goodness me..The most vocal of my whole labour was when my daughters head was crowing. No one told me about that intense pain..Surly I was having a baby, not giving birth to a batch of razor blades? After the initial pain everything faded when she was born on 17th January 2008 at 8.33am weighing 6Ibs 4oz.

The second most painful part of childbirth for me was, strangely enough when it was all over. Having stitches was awful (I hate needles but having needles in your perineum is a whole different ball game! )I was sore for days and after pains hurt like hell...
Then I had my son. The whole process was, I believe a lot quicker. He was born on February 19th 2011 at 7.52pm weighing 6Ibs 11.5oz. The labour may have been quicker but it was definitely more painful. I decided once again to give birth at my local Birthing Unit using the birthing pool as my only form of pain relief. The only difference was that this time I wanted to give birth in the pool as well.
For anyone thinking they may like to give birth in a midwife led unit I highly recommend it but you must keep in mind that usually your only forms of pain relief are natural (moving about, birthing pool, birthing ball etc) gas and air or pethidine injection.

I had several internals this time around which were pure agony and then a sweep to really get things going. How I didn't scream I don't know, my poor midwife felt awful but she had to what she had to do! The sweep soon got things moving and soon became just another part and parcel of the birthing process.

I was a lot more vocal during my sons birth and I don't recall feeling the pains I experienced with him with my daughter so it was a little shocking to the system! I didn't have time to feel as much pain when his head was crowning as everything happened so fast, of course I was most concerned with the state of my lady garden and was surprised (and over the moon) to learn no one was coming near me with any needles this time!
The after pains were far worse the second time around and I suspect they'll be agony if I decide to have another child.
Anyway, as they say 'It's all worth in the end' and it was indeed.

This post was written as part of Channel 4s/Netmums One Born Every Minute. Why not link up and share your story of labour and pain? OBEM is on channel 4, Wednesdays at 9.00pm

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