52 Weeks To An Organised Home-Phase One

Right, time to get my shame on. I have decided to post a series of photos that will show you my fellow readers how disorganised I have become (who knows, maybe i'll make someone feel good about themselves?) So here's to my weekly challenge that I will probably start tomorrow evening as I had a bad sleep the other night which seems to still catching up with me!

This here is the cupboard for glasses, bowls, cups and plates. It's all a bit mismatched which I dislike. Baby milk is there for convenience, bottles don't stay in there long enough to annoy me too much but what I do dislike are all my mugs. There is more than this some don't even have all 4 to a set anymore..Much the same for my glasses...Look at those wine glasses! They're huge. My father-in-law to be gave them to us 2 Christmas's ago but we're not big wine drinkers..still just in case!

The under sink cupboard of embarrassment! I have had my stuff in that bag since I moved here a year ago....Lazy. As you can imagine it drives me nuts, I don't really find anything quickly and my daughter's paints are hiding..somewhere there anyway! This should probably be priority number one!

Here we have a junk cupboard, not intentionally but a junk cupboard none the less. There are several pots that don't belong to me, there is a coffee maker that isn't mine, a spare toaster 'just in case' and some cake decorating supplies all of which have been shoved together with little care or thought.

Top draw in my opinion could be worse (you should see my Mums'-sorry Mum) I think it needs a clean and a little tidying up. How many people can keep it perfectly tidy? Answers on a postcard please.

2nd drawer I have no excuses for. Buried under there are tea towels I got for my birthday from Other Half as yet unused, purses, pens, batteries and various other amounts of rubbish which all needs to be removed asap.

I have no words for the baking cupboard other than..What the hell is going on in there? Nah I haven't baked in a while!

Caught Little Man red handed raiding the saucepan 'drawer' (remember the loose term?)
See..not a drawer at all! Ideas welcome!!!

So that's what i'll be doing this weekend, please wish me luck and if you have any ideas feel free to mail me or leave a comment!
X52 Week Organized Home Challenge