Listography- Top 5 biscuits

Right this week we have been asked by they lovely Kate at Kate Takes 5 to list our top 5 all time favourite biscuits. This is rather painful for me as I have been both dairy and wheat/gluten free since I was roughly 14 but I shall draw from my fond memories of the biscuit gorging days and then maybe make the alternitive in my kitchen!

 1. Homemade. I don't care what anyone says I am going to say I love my own biscuits! They're vanilla flavoured, I can make them any shape i feel like, they come with icing in my favourite colour (pink) and are just plain yum!

2.  Way back when, I used to love sitting down with a good old chocolate digestive dipped in tea. You let the biscuit get to the point where it's about to break off to eat it and just swim in the delicious taste of melting chocolate mmmmm

3. HobNobs. I used to eat these oaty bad boys all the time. I think i nearly cried when I couldn't stomach oats anymore! And orginial Hobnobs all the way thank-you very much!

4. Jammy Dogers. The biscuits that made a birthday party. My daughter doesn't like them..I should disown her really...

5. Choclate Bourborns. Mmm I remember them fondly. Yummy chocolate..Yummy. Just yummy...mmmmm

Now grab a cuppa, pity me for a few seconds, then admire how I can move on in my life through the tragedy that is not being able to eat the above and yet some how manage to be a happy soul...Oh yes, and link up now by clicking the badge below!



  1. Ahh, homemade, good call!

  2. Home-made biscuits have a joy all of their own. Not that keen on Jammy Dodgers but if that is all there is in the tin, they will do just fine.
    Great list.

    1. Mmm home made wins above all mine i'm afraid! I do agree with you though jammy dodgers would be chosen last in my house too I think.

  3. Ooh homemade biscuits are so the best.

  4. Yum, Jammy dodgers are one of my favs too! x

  5. Now the only way we can decide if your homemade ones are really that good is to try them....

  6. yeah another tea dipper! It's the best way to enjoy a biscuit. You should post your biscuit recipe. x