Reasons To Be Cheerful! #RTBC

This week has been alright-ish. You just have to draw all the negatives away from everything else and find what is positive. I'm really late on linking up this week but I hope I can share some of my cheerfulness with someone out there!

1. Thanks to IWantMyMummy who ran a post about the Joanne Bingley Foundation Fund after I donated through A Helping Hand I forgot everyone got entered into a prize draw of sorts until i opened an e-mail in my inbox on Tuesday which informed me I had won a £25 gift voucher for a new online store called BigBlueCuddle which donates a percentage of your order to a chosen children's charity. I got a cute stripey jumper and bottoms for Little Man and really lovely hoody dress for my daughter. Plus 15% of my money was donated to a charity I had chosen.
Making a mess of Mummy's kitchen and having a private joke by the looks of things!

2. The Other Half has had 9 days holiday. We've managed to get some 'us time' by watching a movie 2 nights in a row and catching up. That sounds odd but it's alarming how everything just passes by until you sit down together and have a nice chat!

3. #RTBC (Mummyfromtheheart) is offering a load of prizes for all the entries over this month, what's not to be happy about?

4. My Little Miss turned 4 on the 17th and had a wonderful day. I enjoyed baking her cake but could have done without 'help', thanks Little Miss. She had a cake at nursery as well and it makes me so happy just to see her get incredibly excited about all the little things.

5. I've joined Twitter. Hooray! I can see why people wondered what on earth I was on about when I said I didn't get it..But I honestly didn't so thank-you to anyone who helped!

Link up now if like me you didn't pull your finger out soon enough. Alternatively if you haven't checked out this wonderful meme check it out NOW!
Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

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