This week Baby I Promise...

Mum Of One
This is my first time with Mum Of One and her meme 'Baby I promise' where you make a promise you'll try very, very hard to keep to your child or children for the coming week.

A few months back I was having CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) for social anxiety which is something it turns out I've suffered from much of my school life and so far my adult life also. I have however changed an incredible amount which makes me very proud as you can imagine. Plenty of people have been there with anxiety and depression and the knowledge that you are coming out the other side is a wonderful thing.

Anyway, it was obvious going through this process of meetings that my anxiety was ruling my life almost completely. Since finishing the counselling I may have got better with most things (calling people, talking to family more openly, blogging (sounds odd but people ask you questions face to face after reading it and I have to be aware of that when I write, this used to scare me so much hence why blogging was a major step for myself personally) and many other things.
One thing I have struggled to do is to go to Toddler groups. There's no excuse, there's a library group on Wednesdays and on Tuesdays a church holds a massive group for all ages which I used to go to..It's just dragging my arse out of bed and going but the whole thing fills me with such dread that I lay there for ages thinking about it.

So this week I promise to take my lovely Little Man to either the big toddler group alone so we get some 'me time' or take him AND his sister to the library group I went to regularly before 'pushy Mum' ventured in and thoroughly put me off.
I'll try. Mummy x


  1. Oh thanks so much for joining in and for your lovely comments. Good luck with the groups. I think there is a 'pushy mum' in most but maybe she won't show up, fingers crossed x

  2. good luck. Hope you get out to a group. Yes i agree try and avoid any of those pushy mum types :)