So I'm incredibly near the end of my 30 days of decluttering. It started off slowly but now there is a very, very happy lady across the road sat in her charity shop surrounded by Brooker goods! 
I'll jump straight in shall I? I have no photographic evidence to prove I have done this so you'll just have trust me! So when I last updated I was left with the grand total of 65/90 items recycled, passed on or returned to rightful owners:
66. A giant panda teddy-charity shop
67. A bridal magazine that had seen better days left in the rack-recycled
68. Baby bath seat-charity shop
69. Green oval plate- returned to my Aunt
70. Old tin-returned to my mum
71. Girls shelf unit- charity shop (finally!!!!)
72. Broken hamster cage- taken to local dump
73. Old shorts- recycled
74. 2 cushions-charity shop
75. Odd shaped side table- Mum took this to her local charity store
76. Hoody Other Half never wears-charity shop
77. Towel-animal charity shop (they pass it on)
78. 3 microfibre tea towels I hated- gave them to Mother who was in need of new ones and likes them more
79. Shower curtain unwrapped-charity shop
Can I just say i have decluttered way more than this but silly me didn't jot down anything else! My Iceland bag got filled again and taken just this morning and I didn't rummage through! Darn!
Hannah x

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