The One Where Pops Turned 50!!

It was a special day today so that requires a special cake! My Dad is a music lover who owns plenty of guitars, bells,a lot of recording equipment,a flute not to mention a didgeridoo! So it seemed obvious he needed a good cake to match his love of musical instruments...what better than a banjo? I had a good go, this cake is all gluten and dairy free and tastes delicious! Mum baked the cakes as I was in charge of decorating. Dad loved it when he saw it this morning and I'm pleased to say recognised it straight away! Phew..

We surprised Dad today by all going out and waiting at a local restaurant in the Cornish village Porthleven. The restaurant is called Sea Drift ( I wasn't expecting this restaurant to be family friendly if I'm honest with you as when I've gone passed it normally I have never seen a young child with a family, I never saw highchairs tucked away or anything. I was pleasantly surprised and very pleased to see that the staff (who are extremely friendly and hard working ) had placed Little Man a plastic seat so he could join in the meal and I didn't have to have him on my lap fearing for my dinner as i thought!

Before first course there was a nice little serving of some mustard bread and butter. This seemed to go down a treat with everyone, even Other Half who hates mustard. Little Man tucked into this as well and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I didn't have a first course so jumped straight to ordering my roast dinner. When this came out i though it looked a little bare, not being used to this fine dining lark I didn't realise the vegetables would be coming in little bowls so we could choose! The picture below isn't very good as I had a lot more veg on my plate than that! My salmon was gorgeous and wonderfully cooked, the potatoes were lovely and crispy and the parsnips just delicious!
Crispy spuds,and yummy salmon (loads more veg went on here!)
The meat eaters enjoyed a Traditional Roast dinner. The beef was cooked pretty rare which no one had objections to but the offer was there to do it a bit more, the potatoes were very tasty and there was plenty of veg to add to their plates. I'm told the Yorkshire Pudding was very good, but check out the size! Now that's a Yorkshire Pud! To add to the meal was a gravy which I believe was an own recipie and apparently tasted very nice, but was quite rich, not a bad thing though. 

Check out the size of that Yorkshire Pud!
Now on to dessert! Those who had room tucked in to a pavlova with mixed fruits. I wasn't expecting anything as this is the norm when you can't eat wheat, gluten or dairy so I was very surprised again to be offered some dairy free ice cream and some berries, needless to say it was very, very nice. Better than the tinned fruits I'm usually offered at most other places.
Check out my sisters boyfriend who is very happy with himself, not only did he eat most of his roast, a fair bit of mustard bread and a steak my brother didn't manage, he was up for the pavlova:

Very generous serving of Pavlova  with a fruit  cooked in port
Dairy and gluten free alternative to dessert very good
Chocolate and Orange icecream free with kids meal. Very impressed!
All paid we went back home where we all celebrated with cake of course! I'll leave you with a few last photos and the happy knowledge Dad enjoyed his 50th very much as did we all.

Lovely pic of me and my Little Man
Me and Dad, both looking bit...odd
Little Miss with her Pop's guitars
Proud Mummy Moment people! Look at the writing!
 Hannah xx

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