Project zero- Learn to use a touch screen phone

Alright, alright hold the laughter, I've only gone and done it! I've managed to send 2 texts without feeling a burning rage inside me. (Is a very proud day for me!)
I'm a teeny tiny bit of a techno phobe and ask anyone who has talked to me lately about touch screen phones I have quite literally gone off on one about how annoying they are, how the letter I want never seems to come up, how you look odd holding it and how you can no longer walk AND text at the same time.
However, I read through my 101 things in 1001 days through again today and thought 'Ah no time like the present.'
I have sat here, no joke, for about 2 hours getting the phone to like me..I *think* we're on to a good thing *crosses fingers* (We must be because I haven't had the overwhelming urge tonight to chuck it out the window), reminding me that this was a phone kindly given to me and the previous owner maybe, just maybe would rather I returned it in it's original state instead of looking like..well, looking like it had been thrown from the second floor of a house and run over by several passing cars.
I have a good excuse to use this phone you see because it's pink, it was given to me free of charge and because no one actually texts me that much so really, technically speaking I don't have to do much wrestling with the old touch sensitive keyboard!
So there's another 'thing' I can cross off of my list. Happy Days!

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