Dear So and So....

Dear Cold,
WTF? Why are you here AGAIN? I cannot believe my whole little home has been struck down with feeling like absolute pants. Do you know how long it takes a child to get over a cold!? Do you know how long it takes me!!? I would try to repel you but you have so many little forms that no one remedy seems to make a blind bit of difference...Please leave now.
The one who is sleep deprived and bunged up.

Dear Big retailer who has stuffed me over today,
I made an order with you for my nice new corner sofa and do you deliver? No of course not? Did you not place my details and dates into your system? Oh no of course not. Did you call me or email me to call you to arrange a date for me to have my nice new sofa? No, No you did not! I now have until Tuesday sat on a blow up after spending all week sat on said blow up bed feeling increasingly uncomfortable but looking forward to the comfort of a new sofa!
Disgruntled Cupcake Mum

Dear Children,
My precious babies fight this horrid cold, and Little Man those teeth will come through soon Mummy has had words with them.
Love Mum

Dear Coca Cola Advert,
I am soooooooooo happy to see you! I can officially feel excited about Christmas and may sneak some tinsel out around the house (when Other Half is out of course)
Yours Excitedly,
The Child Within!

Dear Readers,
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