Listography ~ Top 5 Random Things

You Don't Know About Me!
Yep This week Kate at Kate Take 5 has asked us to list 5 random things people don't know about you. So here's mine, click here to link up and view other peoples posts!

1. I HATE the smell of Lynx. Particularly Lynx Africa which is the one Other Half wore all those years ago and I liked it...Until i fell pregnant with Little Miss and even now it turns my stomach right over blurgh!!

2. I HAVE to sleep on the left side of the bed. There are no 2 ways about it, if i'm not on the left side then i'm not in the bed!

3. I'm obsessed right now with Walkers Prawn Cocktail crisps..yum yum!

4. I like a nice smelling man. I don't mean a general nice smell i mean a man with a scent! Oh dear i am odd haha!

5. One of my best mates is actually a penfriend I have. We met online roughly 4 years ago now and are amazingly close. I hope we can meet one day. 


  1. How did you end up on the left side of the bed? I'm on the right, but just because I give my Hubs the side without the nightstand! I have to have a place to put the water, and our house is I win. Great list!

  2. I have a very good friend I met online! x

  3. Great list and I love the pics to go with them! I am with you on sides of the bed!

  4. Totally agree: nice smelling men are, ahem, nice ;)

  5. No, no no - it has to be the right hand side of the bed for me! :-)