Listography Top 5 Gadgets

Here it is again Kate at Kate Take 5 has asked us to list our top 5 favourite gadgets so wasting no more time my five are:

1. My good old laptop.
I'd be pretty lost without my laptop. I just got my old one fixed so I can now see the screen..I would hug it if it wasn't so heavy! After using a notebook for so long you can sure feel the difference! I hate it if my net goes down and I make lists to type up just so I can use it!

2.Mobile phone
I'm still getting used to this touch screen type of phone but i do quite like it. Anyway, for me any phone is better than no phone and in all honesty, although I enjoy maybe the odd day with it completely off I couldn't do that much more, I like texting too much!

Love my TV. How else would I get to watch my Eastenders, my Holby and Casualty? And all the other rubbish tosh I watch on BBC3 and more....

Who would not love their oven? Mind you I say I love mine but I still haven't cleaned it (not sure how long it's been now) I hate it when the oven breaks down, the microwave can't solve everything and it gets pretty horrid eating take outs everyday of the week! 

5.My camera
This is actually more like my number one but I never said this was in order now did I? Well it isn't. I am in actual love with my camera much like other bloggers out there. Thanks to blogging I have really got back in to using my camera and my fab Other Half has bought me another fro Christmas, a nice smaller one that can slip in to my handbag. Happy days!
So there you go, join in at Kate Take 5!


  1. Great list, similar to mine. I cant get used a touch screen mobile, lol it drives me mad x

  2. P.S I've tagged you in a new meme here

    Please dont feel obliged to take part if meme's aren't your thing x

  3. Isn't blogging great for getting you back snapping? Love it!

  4. I love taking a good snap now i'm blogging! And seeing everybody elses really inspires me also.
    Thanks for visiting guys!

  5. Definitely agreeing on the blogging gets you snapping - great phrase! And thank you for including me in your blog list - I'm honoured! I didn't get on with my touchscreen mobile at all - and I miss my oven!

  6. Similar list to mine but I didnt hink of my oven - I too love baking and cooking in general.