I'm A Celebrity Blogger Fun!

I have been tagged by the wonderful Mamma Syder for this fun little meme. I'm not a fan of the reality show personally but have been in the past. Anyway that has no bearing on the task ahead as the questions are suitable for everyone!

The Mission:
1) Answer the 10 questions and consider the mission.
2) Tag a blogger or two or more to do the same
3) Come back to my original blog post and tell me you have done the questions and answers.
The questions are OK for those who watch the television programme and those that don’t.

1. What one thing about being a parent makes you scream “Get me out of here!”
Answer: The really early mornings! And the runs at stupid o'clock! (blurgh)

2. What skills, if any, do you have that would be useful in the jungle?
Answer: Well I would say cooking but I don't think I'd be good any good at cooking anything at all there! Well, unless I was surviving on rice? Other than that I have a pretty good scream..'Shit there's a f***ing spider over there! And there! Holy shit they're everywhere!!!' Yeah I could be like a warning siren!

3. How are you likely to annoy people if you were stuck with them for 3 weeks?
Answer: Oh erm, I dunno. I could annoying people A LOT with that constant spider screaming stuff.

4. What is the worst thing you have ever eaten?
Answer:  Horse food. No word of a lie.

5. What luxury item would you take into the jungle with you?
Answer: My camera. Even though the batteries would run out eventually they're rechargeable  so last a really time. Long enough some pretty epic photos anyway!

6. What is the most daring thing you have ever done?
Answer: I think crossing the road is a bout as daring as I get to be honest!

7. Who would you miss most if you went into the jungle with a bunch of strangers?
Answer: I would miss my children and Jay, not to mention seeing my mum weekly and speaking to my Dad now and then for a good old catch up, I miss him now and I only live a car ride away!

8. What celebrity alive or dead would you like to have with you in the jungle?
Answer: Alan Carr. I love that man, I find him really funny and I bet he's a real kind person to hang out with. I would love a mate like Alan!

9. What would scare you about being in the jungle?
Answer: Shit me, everything!

10. After leaving the jungle, you go to a luxury hotel. What would be the first thing you did on reaching your hotel?
Answer:  Ok, I jump on the bed and breath in the wonderful smell of soft, clean sheets, then without further ado I jump in the shower for what seems like an age.

11th mission should you choose to accept it is to tell us why the person who tagged you is a star. (For the uninitiated, stars play a big party in the television programme) 
Answer: I love MummaSyder's blog, she was one the first people to 'speak' to me and make feel comfortable in this blogging world so I'm really grateful to her for that. There are so many wonderful posts, especially crafty posts that always make me wish I could be so much more crafty in my spare time! And because she has the BEST front room I have ever seen, literally.

So there you have it. Now to tag a few other people who if they wish to can take part. Don't forget to let me know if you do this so I can have a little peak back!
I Tag:
Laura at YummyMummyFlabbyTummy

Cupcake Mumma xx

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  1. Hahaha...Brilliant answers! They all cracked me up especially number 2, you are so funny! Alan Carr is so fab isnt he! And Thanks for the lovely things you said about me...choked me up, Thanks lovely lady. Great post! xxx