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This weeks Life Circle is all about celebrating success. I have to admit that i started this task with a lot of enthusiasm and wanting to change but as the weeks have gone on (nothing to do with the tasks may I firstly point out) I have felt an increasing feeling of just not being able to do anything. Even though i have learnt from past counselling sessions that it is important for me to actively go out and 'do' things (one of my listed items for change for example was to join a regular baby and toddler group) but I have not had the motivation. This in turn makes me feel bad as a mother as I feel my son is missing out. I know he's 10 months old nearly and really has all he needs at home still in the form of bum changes, milk,fed regularly and 2 naps a day followed by a decent sleep, plenty of hugs and kisses and some time to have fun which I try and do (or leave Little Miss to do as they bond so well which is always a wonderful moment for a mum!)
I wanted to get together with my family more regularly, it is my Dads birthday this weekend so we are all seeing him. I'd rather it was just the family again to be honest, I miss my Dad a great deal more than people realise, even he realises and being a male I'm never sure if they feel the same. (He's my Dad though surly he misses me too I say to myself then I remember that Dad's a very logical person who knows I 'don't live that far away' and yes, he's quite right.
Anyway I'm rambling on far too much. I do feel this Life Circle is a good thing but I am with the idea of it starting again in the New Year. I hope other people then might be more motivated to join in and those who already take part and perhaps are struggling like myself just to get this busy period full of illness over and done with so we can focus on OURSELVES a bit more.
I have taken part in all but one task in this process and I believe that was Week 5. if I'm honest because of my lack of motivation in ANYTHING or ANYONE I probably didn't try hard enough. i do remember struggling with that week though and thought it best to leave it and try my hand at the next one.
I also thing the idea of having the future Life Circle posted up on a Saturday with a link up the following Thursday giving us more time to mull things over (and also giving the The Fives F's blog a break!)
I apologise for droning on (again) this week but it really has been a difficult couple of weeks for me more personally than anything and I just hope that I can give myself a boot up the arse to be perfectly honest!

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