This Is Dedication:

I'm poorly yet still Blogging. I'm sure everyone does it but it makes me feel special so meh, I'll feel special!
As promised I wanted to share my finds from yesterdays little Charity shop hunt, so here we are:

A children's book for 30p another Xmas pressie
My 'nothing special' fruit bowl but it's nice!
I think this frame will look nice in my bathroom. Very 'Cornwall'
So here's the lovely tiger for Little Mans pressie
The Framed seaside picture is not a recent find but it's something I really like and thought I'd share. I got more Christmas shopping done today and excluding my dear Other Half we only have 4 people left to buy for and only one (my dear Pops) has left me completely stumped (and then there's presents to Daddy from Little Miss and Man...Ideas on a postcard please!)

Which reminds me. My parents went off to Devon last weekend and as I have mentioned before here I am an avid collector of postcards. My Mum very thoughtfully brought back a selection of postcards from her trip but this one stands out as my favourite and as such will be framed for my ever growing 'Cupcake Kitchen'

 Off now to feel sorry for myself. All the best.

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