If Only There Was a Cleaning Fairy...

I don't want to look at my 'To Do' list anymore. I can't believe how long it is and it's rather depressing if i'm honest. Of course I'm not looking for sympathy, after all if I did the things that need doing when they needed doing i would not be in this spot of bother..

I just feel so tired and drained of energy today. Every room I look in needs something doing to it. It doesn't matter if it's as simple as picking up a trodden on pea off the floor in the kitchen or seeing some damp in my front room that needs attention, i feel the sense of giving up wash over me however small or not small the task ahead is.

Needless to say I have not done much today..I had a lay in which was nice, but then I had too much sleep and now feel worse as the day has gone on. I have eaten a whole bar of chocolate (yes a WHOLE bar don't judge me!), that just makes you feel like a fatty. I have wiped the table clean from weaning war at lunchtime and placed a baby seat in the wash...Then i realised after the wash had started the label on the chair specifically states 'HAND WASH ONLY' So i look forward to seeing what happens when the cycle finishes.

My oven, well i'm surprised it's still talking to me to be honest considering the state I have left it in. It's burnt within an inch of its life and yet I still don't want to clean it. I blame my mother because if she brought me up to care about the condition of an oven and a really good way of cleaning it (i now know just the shear thought of the effort makes me want to cry let alone actually doing it!) then I would be a regular Oven Cleaning Goddess. I would higher someone but my pride is getting in the way..stupid (oven) pride.

I have nothing else to say on this matter so I will go and put my energy into actually doing some useful I suppose like oh i dunno, cooking some tea, washing up the Mans pile of dirty dishes (it was his turn but he's left for work and I can no longer bare the site.) Then when the children are in bed, I think I will do my shopping list for tomorrow making sure Bicarbonate of Soda is at the top! Cleaning magic! (So i'm told of course) For now, have a nice evening.

Cupcake Mummax