The (almost) Good Wife

Just thought I'd share the delicious meal my Other Half has to look forward to this evening. He gets home so late from the factory that usually it's some sort of sandwich or toast for dinner which isn't all that great. We just seem to get so caught up in the nursery runs, baby feeding and cleaning the house routine that we honestly just forget to rustle up a good meal before he leaves for work at 4pm. The sooner he gets a bike so we can have family meals again the better!

Anyway, here's his surprise offering: Lovely Minced Beef as part of Tesco's price cut with garlic and carrot and some pasta (Tesco value no less! Haha)

P.S I'm 'almost' the good wife because i'm not actually the Good Mans wife until next summer eek exciting!


  1. That looks yummy, bet Hubby enjoyed it. Its difficult to schedule meal times when they work funny hours isn't it. We have had that problem in the past and its so nice when you can sit down and eat together x

  2. I love family dinners but they are rare now he works at such awkward times, needs must though. He did enjoy by the way, infact was too much for him wimp! haha x