Waste Not Want Not...

Like my new bin? £1.99 cheapest bin I've ever bought. And I love it! I should mention my fab Dad bought it for me when I saw it in The Works. I don't know what it is about this new logo that has come out but it's been everywhere and lots of people love it including me. This is the first item I own and I want more!
It is a great bin as far as bins go! Enough about the bin already, yes indeed apologies!

I've been thinking of not wasting so much a lot recently. It's made me really aware of both my attitude and other peoples attitudes towards waste. I'm thinking food, rubbish,recycling and yes, even the pennies!
I used to be really picky about what I chose in the store, I guess it came from my Mum as that's who I always went grocery shopping with. Thing is what I grew up doing was not unlike most others. If something isn't the right shape, it's put back. If a tin is dented or a box ripped it's immediately pushed to the side and ignored as if whatever is inside has been somehow changed. I used to pick these items up and they'd be inspected for dents and what not. I'd be told to put it back on the shelf and get a 'better one.' Why?

Now I still see this except I decided to change. I mean, if these 'imperfect' items are not sold, where do they go? Well, I'd imagine in the waste direction no? So what if your cereal box is ripped, the plastic is still there, the cereal is still fresh. So what if your bean tin is dented, okay sometimes it's harder to open but I have a laugh acting like a right lemon dancing around the room with my tin of beans and a can opener in the air occasionally bashing the tin on the side...Ah and then there's the mishapped fruit and veg! Who doesn't find a carrot shaped like a mans 'special area' funny? (please don't be just me) fruit that has grown entwined, a vegetable with a nose or whatever else you can picture!
Image from Google
Image from Google

The other thing I'm keen to do is to record where my money goes. I know, I know, I should have been doing this ages ago. I want to do it more for curiosity than anything to be honest, and I bet I am still being really wasteful with my pennies. Everyone deserves a treat but I know for a FACT that last week I bought 3 jacket and beans from my local bakery for £2.25 a go. Madness! I have bought a huge tub this week of Heinz Beans that last 5 days which is doing me well and although it's Monday, I don't shop until Thursday so I've already been doing well. I think tomorrow I'll purchase a book I've had my eye on which has all the little extra details in a money section.

Also was very proud this morning to see I couldn't actually get out of my front door due to how much I recycled! Obviously this was pleasing because I feel having that much means I can feel like I'm making a real difference. It's just a shame on my street there's only a handful of us recycling. WHY!!?? It's so easy, the council give you free bags and boxes, you pop all your cardboard, glass,plastic and tins in the correct bag (which my 3 year old even understands!) and plonk it outside every fortnight! I really hope government can get more strict on this recycling issue, it really bothers me.
Anyway rant over!

Have a good Tuesday!

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