Love Your Library!!!!

This should have been posted yesterday, but I was totally shattered, and today is proving much the same with 3 cases of cold and a baby who is refusing to sleep at night!! SO here, have Cupcake Mumma's one day late post: Love Your Library!
This is my lovely library in Camborne, Cornwall. I love the library. My love of these peaceful and relaxing places is probably from my Dad who is a great lover of books. I don't think I would be so into reading, and be reading at the level i did when I was younger if it wasn't for him. I'm lucky in that i never found reading hard and i deeply enjoy a good book, often  making collections of a favourite author for my book shelf.

My partner on the other hand is the polar opposite and really is not interested in the local library. He is dyslexic and whilst his dyslexia has improved a lot, he still isn't (and never has been) that interested in reading. I think it's a great shame but I am really pleased my daughter seems to love the library as much as i do, and I hope she takes to reading just as well too.

I love this library even more because it is just so welcoming. There is a lovely area for children to sit on the floor and play with some toys and share books, be read to by their parents/carers, it's just wonderful. When i was younger and visited the library, I was constantly getting 'shhhh' or 'You have to be quiet in here, it's a librar' in hushed tones. I'm not saying my child runs about like a headless chicken (certainly not!) or talks full volume (I go there for my peace just as much as anyone else!) but equally there is no one about tyring to 'shhhh' children and they really are left to get on with it.

Me and Little Miss had a lovely time at the weekly library session for 0-3 year olds yesterday. We always try to make it. We sing a handful of songs, play some musical instruments (I would never have done that!) and then the children get to listen to a story before having a snack from home (eating in a library too! *Gasps*) After all that fun we then get to do some craft time (I'm not sure who enjoys this bit more, me or Little Miss ha ha!!) Yesterday we made monkeys. One was made for herself and the other was made for her little brother. Afterwards, I caught Little Miss rummaging in my handbag only to bring out my camera and here she took a few photos of her lovely creations:

Discovering his library book
Midge's Monkey
A's Monkey

Lovely hey? Looks like she could be another budding photographer one day too. 
(Another passion thanks to my dear Dad!)
So there it is, our day at library toddler group. If you wanted to know more about your local library, go to where there is a whole host of information. Even better, a local library is usually not far away, so why not just pop in and see what's on offer? Have (free) fun!!!

Cupcake Mumma xx

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