The Best Things In Life Are Free (or from Barnardo's!)

I have had a lovely day. It's a shame I'm ending it feeling as rough as a badger but never mind, I thought I'd push myself to write my blog for today.
As it says in my title, the best things in life (second to my wonderful family of course) are indeed for free.

I get a phone call (okay I answered the other halves phone, shame on me) and took a call from his sister wondering if we would like to do breakfast down at our local Wetherspoons? Well,' yes of course we would' I said thinking at the same time my little letter i received after my complaint was about to come in handy!

Well, I can safely say that we all had a lovely breakfast (full English no less for them but a slightly more bare plate pour moi what with the list of 'foods to avoid' (medically may I add)
It all came to a fair price but lets just say I am pleased to not have had to pay and hope I don't have to complain again (at least not about them anyway!) I do prefer to moan behind closed doors but for once my whinging paid off ('Horrah!' says the man) and I am delighted to say that I would recommend my local Weatherspoons to anyone, the staff today were very polite and efficient. If you're ever in Cornwall come to Camborne Wetherspoons, I'm sure you'll have a positive experience like we did today.

On another note, meeting my Mum and sister never went to plan so unfortunately I am still regretting fiddling with my sewing machine (why pay when my mum can fix it all up?) Instead, me and Mr went about shopping and popped into Barnardo's where I found a nice white polo shirt (being a bit dis-organised I have only bought one of everything for Little Miss's school uniform which evidently is not enough!) this was only 49p, got a nice little toy for Little Man to play with for 99p and pair of swimming shorts for 49p (considerable price difference there I think all would agree) as I plan to start taking the little ones swimming a couple of times a month maybe?
New toy!
Making use of her new face paints

I also wanted to show off a rather cute ornament I came upon today which is perfect for my new (pink) bedroom (It was my daughters but now she's in with her brother and I am not objecting to pink :)
I'm not one for ornaments, I've always seen them as dust collecting space invaders to be quite honest, but this was a fat pink cat:

I think it may be a matter of taste but I love it! Hopefully we'll find something free and fun to do tomorrow, I have promised Little Miss we'd make some mini cupcakes. 
Hope all is right with anyone reading this.

Cupcake Mumma xx

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