Dress Up

I love when the little ones dress up. Midge is forever in her drawers picking out dresses and capes, fake mobile phones and handbags with those cheap accessories to match. Little A isn't so into dress up, we bought him a buzz costume for his birthday (so did my sister in law) and he's loved having that one a couple of times, along with his sister who squeezes into the larger of the two costumes!

Bad photo quality- sorry! So cute seeing by two Buzz Lightyears together!

My nieces and nephew like to join in the dressing up fun too. On Thursday, Little T popped on some joke glasses. She looked hilarious, it cheered us up after a long day!

Do your little ones that to like dress up? Do you have any posts to share? Feel free to leave a link in the comments!

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8 comments on "Dress Up"
  1. They look so cute in their matching Buzz outfits!!
    My two love dressing up; they're favourite is dressing up like Doctors but I've lost count the amount of times they've burst into our bedroom in the morning, both in princess dresses, shoes, crowns and jewellery :) x

    1. Thanks Shay :) Do you know we don't have any doctor or nurse type outfits here! Just silly princess ones lol must sort that out! x

  2. hahaha! Fab costumes!!
    My youngest loves dressing up....She loves her princess costumes x

  3. Such a cutie! Buzz doesn't like dressing up yet, but with me as a Mama I think she will ;) xx

    1. I'm sure we'll be seeing her in her outfits soon enough! xx

  4. Alex has never really been into it-he dressed up a couple of times at preschool this last month, and the 1st time he had it off when I collected him, the 2nd he had it off as soon as he got in. They looked really cute in the Buzz outfits, love the glasses too! x

    1. A is like that though, maybe he'll get into it as he grows up too? Thank you :) xx


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