My Week that was Captured #8

Hey, it's that time of the week again where we look back at all the things we got up to. I really need to snap more photos!

This week:

I visited the local library and found a book by my favourite author that I haven't read yet. I also found a craft book for the little ones. I visited the library after a huge cleaning spree (you wouldn't bloody know it now though!) I'm pleased my growing Care Bear collection is now safe in my bedroom!

I treated myself to a orange hot chocolate and found some mini bakewells suitable for my dairy and gluten free diet. I do love Costa.

I visited a charity store this week, only the one because I had my niece and she wasn't happy in her buggy on this occasion! I snapped up a book (again by Phillipa Gregory) and a gorgeous ornament of London. I love London but I've never been properly!!

On our weekly food shop I discovered some delicious sorbet and watched Little A enjoy his Thomas Ride. We had to buy crisps and a large yogurt on the way around because he decided he was so, incredibly hungry! Bless him.

On Friday, Midge had a non uniform day with a 'grow' theme so we dressed her up in some normal clothes and I painted a flower on her face. She loved it and Little A had his very first face paint too, a small sun on his cheek!

I painted my nails a beautiful purple and added a bit of sparkle. A nice bit of 'me' time.

My Mum came over on Saturday for the evening which was nice as Jason went out with a friend. My two looked out of the window waiting for Grandma to arrive and later on had snuggles watching Monsters Inc. How sweet.


Cupcake Mumma

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  1. Ooh that hot chocolate sounds divine! As do the bakewells :) Love the face paint!

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWC xx