Siblings ~ February

At the weekend we went to my parents house which is very close to a beautiful beach. We went down to see the harbour empty of boats because of the awful weather. Little A and Midge enjoyed looking into the distance, watching the waves grow steadily more rough and peering over the walls to see the beach.

They both saw a boat that had been pulled in after getting damaged by the waves. A perfect photo opportunity.

Then they wanted to be higher up. I sat them down together to get a better view of the harbour. Another beautiful sibling photo.

I'm linking this post up with Dear Beautiful and her wonderful Siblings project.

dear beautiful
Cupcake Mumma
1 comment on "Siblings ~ February "
  1. I love Siblings over at Dear beautiful it's a great project. These photos are adorable of your two little ones. I love siblings photos. Mine are still really young so it's so hard to get them to stay in the same place longer enough to get one. I can't wait til they are like your two cute ones and will pose together. Looks like great memories were captured here.


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