Saying Goodbye to our First Pet

Crunchie was our first pet. He was a fluffy, toffee brown coloured Syrian hamster who we all loved very much. We suspect Crunchie was nearly 3 which is very, very old for a hamster! Today we took him to our new home where he has been laid to rest in what will eventually become a lovely flower bed.

He may have 'only' been a hamster, but he was our hamster. And we'll miss him very much. Love you Crunch Crunch!

6 comments on "Saying Goodbye to our First Pet"
  1. It's always heartbreaking to lose a pet, no matter how big or small they are. They are one of the family and I imagine losing a hamster will leave the house a little quieter than normal, for small creatures they can be very noisy! Big hugs to you all xx

    1. Thanks, it was really tough. Like you said they're part of the family so it hurts. Thanks for stopping by xx

  2. aw, bless. Hope your children were ok x

    1. Thanks Jo, they were ok, hit Lils a bit hard but she's fine now xx

  3. aww, he had a long life! weve had 2 hamsters before, the last one died when my eldest was 3. We just bought him another last week as an early birthday pressie. A little girl called Harmony. I dont think she was ever handled in the local large pet shop (near B&Q) as she screeches loudly if i try and pick her up

    1. He really did. We got him from the pet store around the corner, my brother handled him then after that he was the sweetest thing ever. I hope to see a pic of your new addition i love hamsters!


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