Project Kindness: Pay for a Stranger to have a Pampering Treat

When I was jotting down notes for which acts to include for my Project Kindness, paying for someone who deserves a pampering at my local therapy studio really jumped out at me. I scribbled it down, much like the rest of the acts and waited for inspiration to hit. It wasn't long before it did...

I made contact via e-mail with a therapy studio, Lasting Touch Therapies, who I've had fabulous treatments with before. I thought I'd wing it and ask for their help. Help they did. I asked the ladies if they could place a status on their Facebook page asking their followers to nominate someone they knew who deserved a good pampering for free. I offered to pay a value of £20 but in the end we decided that we would split the cost so we could both feel that we had been truly a part of the Random Act of Kindness.

The nominations flooded in to the studio and after a day or so a random nominee was selected. A very deserving, caring and hard working person was nominated by her friend for the treatment. I really hope that she enjoys the pampering, which ever treatment she chooses and has a nice, relaxing time at the Lasting Touch studio in Heartlands.

A big thank-you to all the therapists at Lasting Touch Therapies for being so very kind and giving.



  1. Oh Hannah - what a lovely act :) xxx

  2. That is such a kind act!! I'm sure the lady will appreciate her pampering for many years. I once went to have my hair cut in the village we lived in in South Africa and, when I went to pay, was told it had already been paid for! You see - I remember and that was YEARS ago! Bless you, Hannah.

    1. Great story! I hope something similar will happen for someone I help, i know i remember when people do nice things for me. Never had a similar experience though but i can imagine if someone paid for my hair cut i'd remember for a while!

  3. Hannah, I like your blog and loved it on

  4. Han, you truly have a heart of gold xxx