My Mug!

After all the poking people in the direction of my link to share their fabulous mugs from my UK Mug Swap, I forgot to show off my lovely mug! 

I partnered myself up with the lovely Claire from Claireabellemakes. Please visit her blog, she's friendly and so crafty. I love spending time reading her posts and seeing what she comes up with. Below is the mug she sent me. Very Hannah I must say. I even got some Cadburys hot chocolate which is my favourite. We don't drink tea or coffee so it was an ideal swap really!

As another little extra, Claire sent me this rather cute button ring which she makes and sells from her Etsy shop. I love pink, I adore polka dots so it's a win win as far as lovely little surprises go!

Thank-you to everyone who took part in my UK Mug Swap. Overall it seems to have been a total success. If you participated I would love for you to take a photo and link it up here so we could all see these lovely mugs! I hope friends have been made and I may take up another swap next year.

8 comments on "My Mug!"
  1. I am so glad you liked your swap mug and gifts Hannah :-) x

  2. What a perfect mug! It's a great huggy shape too, great to curl up with :) Will pop over to the Etsy shop as the ring looks fab! Thanks again for hosting Hannah xx

    1. Oh yes do Kat there are lovely items on Claire's shop! Thanks joining was fun :) x

  3. Ahhh I wasn't sure if you took part or not! Am so glad you did :D A VERY Hannah mug I'd say! And that ring is so darn cute! Lovely xx

    1. Thanks Cas isn't it lovely!? Very me indeed! I couldn't resist joining in too tempting!xx

  4. I'm too a cupcake fan sooo I love your cup x
    Following blog now so look forward to your posts....

    1. Oh thank you:) you have five taste! Thanks for following!xx


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