52 Weeks to an Organised Home: Recipes.

The next challenge on 52 Weeks to an Organised Home is to sort out my recipe books. I don't have a lot of recipe books but I had enough to making my upstairs bookshelf look overcrowded and squashed.

The first thing I did was to look through my books. I looked at the ones I use, the ones I never seem to use and then the ones that are not even mine in the first place! There were several that belonged to my  Mum so I popped them into a bag with some other bits I needed to return to her.
After that I placed the ones I never used into my big charity sack leaving me with a small pile of books.

Now, I had been wanting a shelf put up in my kitchen for weeks but the Other Half had been doing so much overtime (and is a lazy old so and so) that eventually I just put it up myself!
So, I now had a shelf for my smaller books which isn't a lot but as it goes (and luckily) it's the smaller books I use most often so they are now sat on my shelf which I finished off nicely with some homemade bunting, a postcard of cupcakes and my pink cat:

I do have a few more books on there!

My other books, now nicely slimmed down to a more sensible amount could be moved after I also donated some children's books we never read anymore. Once I had done that there was a whole spare space for my recipe books. Hooray! No more squashed paper backs!

Cupcake Mumma.
1 comment on "52 Weeks to an Organised Home: Recipes."
  1. I checked out the mother-ship for the 52 week challenge. What a great idea. However, this recipe book challenge was for January 30th so i guess you saterted late. However, I also see that many things won't take a week so you can probably catch up. Good luck with it. Your shelf looks very pretty btw.


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