52 Weeks to an Organised Home: Coupons and Post

52 Week Organized Home Challenge
Another challenge on my list is to sort out my coupons. This isn't too difficult becasue I don't have many. My printer isn't working so I can't print out any vouchers and most of the vouchers that come through my door are completely useless to me.

However, I do have my Tesco vouchers and the odd coupon I do keep hold of. I used to keep my coupons in my files but found I forgot about them, out of sight out of mind after all! So now I pin them to my pin board in the kitchen where walk past them all the time so I'll never forget to use them!

Another thing is to make sure you pop some in your purse. I have a few compartments in my purse where my coupons (mainly supermarket ones) keep nicely and don't get mixed up with my cash or coins- that's just annoying.

Now, I tackled another task at the same time seeming as though the coupon one didn't require much effort! I have been bogged down by my mail for a long time. It's on the dinner table, it's near the DVD units, it's on the bookshelf heading towards the file where it should be stored neatly and organised...yeah right!

Until tonight that is. I got out my folder and gathered my post, sat in the front room with a cookie and made a concentrated effort to well, concentrate! Now my bills, bank statements etc are in their correct wallets in my folder and not laying about where I don't want them or need them. I also won't loose anything of importance!

I have also made myself a little postal box to go by the front door. if the postie comes and I am in a hurry then I can pop my post into the box and open it later. I can keep mail there that doesn't need to be moved just at that moment and I feel a whole lot more organised!

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