5 Reasons I know i'm a...

For this weeks Listography Kate has left it sort of open for us. The title is 'The 5 Reasons I Know I'm a...' I was going to do this the other night but I was feeling a bit miserable so all I could think of was silly, negative things so I put it down to come back to later.

So here is later and here is my 5 reasons I know I'm a slightly....Obsessive Compulsive...

1. I have my food cupboard 'just so'. Labels face forward and even Other Half is scared to go in there!

2. I place items in my bathroom in height order

3. I really, really like to cross the crossing before the green man disappears and the sound stops. If it doesn't happen that's okay, but I feel some what successful if I can do this!

4. The kitchen should be the cleanest place in my home. I am a big kitchen wiper..Always wiping those tops me!

5. Finally, at night when I read to my Little Miss sometimes I'm so tired I want to skip a page or two but I simply cannot do it, it feels very wrong and almost 'naughty!!'

Alright so I'm a little obsessive compulsive (or a bit weird) but I'm quite happy! Have a look at Kate Takes 5 to see everyone else's contribution to this weeks Listography.

Cupcake Mumma
10 comments on "5 Reasons I know i'm a..."
  1. I wonder if you'd come and stay in my filthy house for a night or too. I could do with catching a dose of obsessive compulsion.

    1. Count me in! Put the radio on and i'm gone! lol

  2. Wonderful - I'm also onsessive about my kitchen being clean byt I must admit that I sometimes skip a bit of the story at bedtime.

    1. At least you haven't told me to seek help lol I wish I could skip pages believe me!

  3. My Mum makes me laugh because she literally waits for the beeping of the green man, then RUNS LIKE THE WIND across the road, as if a car is going to rev up and kill her once the sound stops.

  4. LOL your kitchen sounds like mine! Nothing wrong with a bit of OCD, keeps life interesting :)

  5. You're lucky. Miss two insists on reading herself these days. I suspect you might find standards a bit lax here!

    1. No chance nothing wrong with things being a bit lax! Can't wait until she tucks herself in and enjoys reading her books! x

  6. Hi, new here via Kate's Listography. I am totally with you regarding skipping pages when reading the bedtime story. In fact I can't skim read at all because I can't escape the niggling feeling that I may have missed something.


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