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Yup you heard it right, this weeks Listography has been dedicated to mugs thanks to the wonderful (maybe slightly odd) Kate at Kate Takes 5. Anyway, who am I to judge a great, out of the ordinary idea? I rather like it and we all have mugs we love. I dare you to tell me you do not have a favourite one? The one that NO ONE must drink out of..? The one that if it broke you would, without a doubt have to hide ACTUAL tears so no one could see how sad you really are? You're nodding aren't you?

I'm actually even weirder because I don't drink tea or coffee or any other beverage that requires a mug. I may have some juice in one but i think i prefer my juice in a glass. I do drink hot chocolate from a specific mug i now love (and would cry over). I just like mugs. I don't own many because I don't have the room.

1) The hot chocolate mug. This mug was bought for me by one of my sister in laws and I love it. I've only recently got back into drinking hot chocolate and this is now my mug specifically for this purpose. Nothing beats it because it is so big. (And has cupcakes on)

2) The patriotic mug. I bought this mug around the time Prince William and Princess Kate got married. It was such a lovely time but I couldn't get hold of one of the real deals. Still, I felt having a mug of something to drink with our flag on was good enough.

3) The comical mug. Yes, I think cartoon farm animals are funny. Simple minds and all that. This was another mug bought for me. I tend to let Little Miss have this one most often because it's just the right size.

4.) The cool mug. I think it's cool. My Auntie bought it for Other Half as he is an avid camper van fan.

5) Lastly we have the mug that I only use (and I am serious when i say this) once a year. It's the Christmas mug. No one should use this mug unless it is Christmas. Got it?

So, there are my 5 favourite mugs. I'm looking forward to another Listography with a bit of a random twist! Please link up and/or read by pressing that magical button below.
Cupcake Mumma
22 comments on "You Mug! -Listography"
  1. I love the hot chocolate mug with the cupcakes - very you.

  2. Wish I could not drink tea and coffee. I did give them up a few years back for about 6 months but sadly went back to them both..

    Love your mugs

    Lou :-)

  3. Ooh - my son would love the camper van one - very cool!

  4. I am loving the Christmas mug! Everyone has a Christmas mug lurking in the back of the cupboard I'm sure ;-)

    1. Yes I'm sure they do! Mine usually goes in the box lol but forgot this year!

  5. Hopefully this year is the Year of Actually Buying The Type 2 VW Camper. In which case, mugs of this nature shall be a necessity!

    1. Oh goodluck hope you get one! Thats my partners dream too I think. With little mugs for holidays away haha

  6. Love the cupcake and camper van ones!

    1. Thanks Sarah. Cupcake one is def my favourite!

  7. Where is the camper van one from. I absolutely love it.

    1. Ah it was bought for other half in Cornwall (where else haha) I reckon you could get them anywhere. Online at Amazon maybe?

  8. That campervan one is fab :)

    1. Thanks Kate, I quite like it. I use it more than OH :-)

  9. Smiling Like I Mean it14 February 2012 at 19:22

    Camper van one very cool. And I'm with you on the Christmas mug, mine got put away before New Year. (altho I do have an Easter mug that I use all year round...)

    1. Im glad i'm not the only one! Thanks for your comment x

  10. Having a serious case of mug envy over here, I love all of these!

  11. If I had the camper van mug I would use it every day. Love it!

    1. Alison you're right, Im going to use so much more now. I have a new appreciation of it!

  12. I Love them all! They are just what I would pick if I saw them in a shop, lovely! x

  13. That Christmas mug is fantastic, and I completely agree with you; you can't use it in the Summer can you?!

  14. I'm like you, only a hot chocolate drinker, but love mugs. I see lots i love though, but don't necessarily buy.


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