Project 366 Feb 6th-12th

February 12th 2012
I'm finally going to learn how to knit and/or crochet. The magazine is good but i think i need a video tutorial. Any ideas? I can only do the slip knot looking at the photos haha!

February 11th 2012

February 10th 2012
Here's Cupid. I loving made him out all things I could find. He fell in the wash bowl 2 hours later and I couldn've cried. My next one won't be the same. Poor Cupid.

February 9th 2012
Parents meeting went really well. Little Miss is trying to learn her own name both looking at her name card and also without it too. 

February 8th 2012
This freaked me out no end as i've never seen it before! It's at the local school and apparently the children made it. Other Half told me in year 6 they made time capsules which they burred next to it before creating this at a later date. 

February 7th 2012
I've finally started my studying. I'm aiming to be a massage therapist and pleased to say I've finally discovered how to study again after 6 years!

February 6th 2012

Some of the beautiful buttons and charms on my new handbag. A lovely treat on a sick day!
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  1. You tube for knitting videos!????

  2. Ahh you tube, why did i not think of the most obvious thing in the world? Bah i blame lack of sleep :D

  3. Good luck with the knitting. Threw my last attempt in the bin and vowed to take up blogging instead. Hope you will do better!

    1. Oh no! I hope i don't loose my rag like I am prone to haha. Thanks for you comment x

  4. Wow love that face! Good lucj with teh knitting, i'm hopeless!

  5. That is an amazing earthworks sculpture. Wonder how they made it?

    Thanks for linking up!