Sunday Funny!

Sometimes when Other Half calls me from work to let me know he has chosen to do more overtime until midnight I do this:

Yarp, he talks to my hamsters arse. Have it! 
*Cheeky grin*

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Cupcake Mumma
Sunday Funny!
8 comments on "Sunday Funny!"
  1. I love the thought for you texting and pressing little hamster droppings by mistake :D heh heh heh (I'm all heart)

    1. Haha it has only just occurred to me that he could poop and wee all over my phone..maybe OH could talk to my arse in future!?

  2. Hahaaa!! I don't have a hamster but if I did my OH would have been talking to its arse last night too!

    1. Lol I could start a trend then! Thanks for your comment x

  3. Hahahahahahahah!The Bug just collapsed on the floor in giggles!

  4. Giggle giggle, this is funny! x


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