The A-Z of Things That Annoy Me:

I saw that Diary of a Mummy Misfit had written a post of the A-Z of things that annoy her. There were a few on her list that i could really agree with! After reading her post, I checked out NetMums where others have been sharing their thoughts as well.
So, inspired by Amanda I thought I'd do my own post too! Lots of people are being 'tagged' at the moment but I fancied trying my hand at this regardless!

A-  Answering back. When Little Miss does this my short fuse becomes close to blowing point. With someone else the fuse is longer, probably due to embarrassment if i loose my temper, bugs me nonetheless!

B- Buses. I hate buses. I'm always on there with either really smelly people or a load of teenagers who really don't have one brain cell between them to use up spare seats because they really don't want to sit next to a stranger so instead they'll just block the front so you can't move a buggy, you can't get in or out and heaven forbid should they use that brain cell for a disabled person!

C- Cold. Being cold annoys me but my gas dwindles too much these days so I've been told to get my water bottles and blankets out.

D- Dogs. I'm not a huge fan of dogs. I'm scared of dogs i don't know, most of them shed hair all over the place, I'm always on edge with the damn things. It's not just dogs, I find almost every animal lovely to look at, possibly even nice to be around for some time but untimely I'm fine without them. Yes Other Half brought a hamster into our home I do love him but he does smell, he does create mess and is a general Houdini act! I am rather taken with him though...


F- Fireplace. My fireplace to be exact. It's tiled, it's ugly and I have no inspiration for it. I can't get rid of it as I rent my home. Although one thing would help- the landlord getting the chimney blocked off, considering previous owners ruined it!

G- Gary Barlow. I think he's too big for his boots. I think he's annoying and I think he's not that attractive. Nuff said.

H- Harry from Mcfly. Poor bloke looks like an arsehole I used to know so i can't even look at him on screen without squirming and wanting to strangle him!

I- Intolerance's. I cant eat wheat, gluten or dairy. I'm used to it but sometimes it can be something that really bugs me. I must learn to make a danish pastry, I miss them after seeing a load lined up in the bakery! I should probably check out some pastry schools to see if they offer a class in gluten free baking.

J- Jokes annoy me. Usually because they go straight over my head. Nasty ones really get my goat. I can appreciate a good joke just make it simple. And no it's not because i'm blond...

K- Knitting. I desperately want to learn to knit but I just cannot do it. I'm not quite surrendering just yet but I don't think I'm meant to be a knitter. Perhaps crotchet?

L-Loose Women. After comments on there the other day about breast feeding being like a man getting his willy out in public I have completely tuned out. And no i'm not sorry.

M- Maths. Hate maths. Loath maths. It is much more than an annoyance. Half the things they teach you you don't even need unless you want a specific career!

N- Nits, now they are annoying and not to mention horrid things. I have been fortunate so far but I know once it starts it won't be the end for a very long time. I'll be really annoyed if I ever get them again...which is probably inevitable!

O- Optimists. No offence you can get pretty annoying. I used to be a mega pessimist but i'm not so bad anymore. I have this thing where if i'm positive it all goes tits up but if I have a little doubt I am usually pleasantly surprised and if not, then I am not so massively disappointed. What I really hate is people shoving their positive ways in my face. Sod off!

P- Perfecting things. It really, really bugs me that I have to most of the time spend so, so long on something to make it perfect. Usually I go over the top and ruin it. If i'm lucky I can go back and be happy but all too often i end up being totally annoyed with myself and my perfectionist ways!

Q- Queuing. I bloody hate queuing and more so when someone is dilly dallying around. However, I also hate holding up ques. I'm a very anxious person so when it comes to it I have to go slightly slower than most to prevent a panic attack! Sorry people!

R- Rudeness. Whether it be obvious rudeness like shouting something abusive out of a car window, swearing loudly in public-repeatedly-on purpose or slightly minor like not holding a door instead letting it bang into me or my buggy. I cant stand people who are rude.

S- Smoking. This isn't what you think. I'm actually with the people who oppose the smoking ban. I think its pathetic. I inhale more of that crap now than I ever did in a public building! A smoking area was fine for me, never had a problem if I'm honest, now smokers block up pavements outside pubs and you end up crossing the road to avoid it!

T- Technology. This is something most have a love hate relationship with. When it works great. When it doesn't it's one of the most annoying things in the world!

U- Unexpected visitors. They annoy me no end. I don't buy that 'We're here to see you not your home' crap because who walks in to someone else's home and really does not think 'Oh my look at the washing up that's rather a lot of dishes..' 'Best watch where I put me feet there are crumbs everywhere..' 'There's no mugs Hannah?' Well..I would have washed up and hoovered those crumbs but I didn't know you were coming did i? Thankfully i'm never so rude!

V- Vajezzels. I dont even think that is the right spelling. Little sparkly bits decorated above your Lady Garden? I don't think so. Sorry if you have one, are going to get one or just like them but I think they're tacky!

W- Waiting. I hate waiting for people. I mean does it really hurt to turn up on time? Genuine reasons are fine, I'm not a total ogre but come on..

X- No 'xxx' I feel very sad when I get a text or e-mail from a friend or family member with no kisses at the end! Yes that's pathetic but those little kisses make me feel loved!

Y- Yoyos. Cheap ones to be exact. I bought one the other week and it is pants. I may not be my 10 year old very cool yoyoer self but I know for a FACT I could still pull out some moves with a bit of practice. Only the yoyo I bought was pants and I was really miffed about that!

Z- Zzzzz and not getting enough of it!

Now I am going to tag someone because I'm curious to see what annoys others. I'm going to tag A Twenty Something Mum and Snoo and Me. xx

Cupcake Mumma

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