My Saturday: Family time and Museum fun

We all decided to have a family day out today. Both Other Half and myself don't feel that we spend enough quality time together as a family these days so what better way to rectify that than head out bright and early on a Saturday morning.

I wrote yesterday about living thrifty and being as cheap or budget conscious as possible these days and how sometimes, for me at least, it doesn't always feel good. At the end of this post I featured some photos of my most thrifty finds. I found that today, with my £30 pound budget in my purse for any shop finds, something to eat and bus fare, I kept this post in my head particularly my past finds and I started to feel good again. I remembered how I felt to come across a really good 'find'.

Anyway as usual I digress...We hopped on the bus (for once was cheaper than the train although hideously boring so I did wish now and then that I spent double amount on the train fare! Glad I did not though!) We eventually arrived and first set about something to eat. I used some spare change in my purse to pay for lunch. It was in a superstore and it was absolute pants. I'm sure all you pay for is the packaging these days huh?
Other Half wasn't happy- here he is in one of his rare immature moods scribbling 'rip off' all over the receipt. Oh dear.

After lunch we pushed on and got down to going in and out of a few shops. We went around the indoor market which is full of all sorts of stores. Other Half bored us rigged with his exchange stores after that we we visited a couple of charity shops before setting our sites on the local Museum. I had this on my Project Zero list and completed it a little while ago (here) but never got round to viewing upstairs. I loved it. Little Miss was a bit too hyped up to enjoy it, but she liked the art gallery and the children's section. Being 4 I can't expect her to fully appreciate the Ancient Egyptians or Cornish Heritage just yet can I?

We got home at half past six both children still wide awake, both parents slightly worse for wear! Other Half crashed out in bed same time as i settled Little Miss and has only just resurfaced (as I go to the pit.) I'll leave you with the photos of our day. Have a good Sunday,
Cupcake Mumma

All Aboard!

Other Half's foot isn't far off the Cornish Giants!

A bank note for 5 Guineas from the Cornish bank. 

Funnily enough these are toilet accessories and furniture from the Roman times.

Isn't this Snuff Box beautiful? It's dated C.1750-56

Japanese Samurai swords. Wow.

Little Miss having a go at a puzzle in the art gallery

The finished piece!

If you're ever down this way, please think of heading to Truro and visiting the Royal Cornwall Museum. It really is great! 


  1. When we visit my partners family we always love shopping in truro, not been to the museum though! x

    1. I would recommend then Chloe, it is nice cafe looks nice haven't been in it though! Little One would love it I reckon x

  2. oooh nice day out in truro :) (im a blogger from camborne) :D