My Reasons To Be Cheerful

Nothing like a spot of positive thinking to cheer you up! This weeks reasons to be cheerful are:

1) My niece was born this week which is obviously a wonderful thing for the family. She is beautiful and has 2 very protective brothers and one very smitten older sister. Lucky girl. We all love her too.

2) I tried on my wedding dress yesterday and it is really, really lovely. There isn't much to sort out on it and it needs a little tidy up. The invites are on their out as well which is something to be pleased about. Wedding plans coming along nicely.

3) I have a great weekend planned. My sister is staying tomorrow night, on Saturday we're all going to Paradise Park for Little Mans' birthday treat then celebrating properly with family popping in and out no doubt on Sunday for his official big day.

Short and sweet today as I'm just not feeling it!
Seasider in the City is this weeks host of #RTBC so scoot on over to read some more.
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10 comments on "My Reasons To Be Cheerful"
  1. What exciting reasons you have this week! So cool that you have a new Niece, thats lovely xxx

    1. Aw thank-you :) It is all very exciting I suppose yes! xxx

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time for you all xxx

  3. Wedding dress and a new baby in the family, great reasons to be cheerful!

  4. Lovely reasons, I loved every second of the run up to my wedding - so exciting!

  5. Great reasons to be cheerful hun, especially the wedding dress. I remember organising mine and I loved every minute

  6. Some lovely reasons! Hope the wedding planning is going well

  7. Lovely reasons to be cheerful! Congratulations on the arrival of your niece too, are mummy and baby doing well? xx

    1. Thank you :) Mum and baby are doing wonderfully well thank you xx


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