My Son at 1

My Beautiful Boy,
Where has time gone? It seems only last week I was walking you around holding you tightly in both arms, my precious little bundle. Now it's come to a year I'm not sure how I feel. You change so much every week. You do something funny, something new, something entertaining, something mischievous almost every day.
I feel very strange about you turning One my Little Man.You see, when your sister was born there wasn't that bond that brings you and me so close to each other. Your little sister was and is always loved, but Mummy didn't always feel very well so things didn't always go as they should. Didn't always feel as they should.

I'm so grateful that you didn't have to go through what Little Miss and Mummy went through. Because of this your milestone birthday is a mix of extreme excitement and happiness and also a little sadness. After all, it was only a few days ago it was confirmed to me that you were no longer the baby of the family with the safe and wonderful arrival of your newborn cousin. There's a new person to fill those booties now!

Although you'll always be my baby, I can't deny each year you get older will be so difficult for me. Your sister turned 4 last month and it was the first time it hit me that she was growing up into this independent, beautiful young girl.
One day I'll look at you and I know I'll find it hard to believe you are growing into this handsome young boy.

Happy Birthday my gorgeous Little Man
Love. Mummy


  1. happy birthday! the years flie past so quickly don't they x

    1. Thanks Sarah! They really do don't they! x