Ahh Happy Day of Love!

Alright, alright don't shout at me I know another bloody valentines post! It's the first year I have not bothered with anything to do with Valentines Day.

I remember sitting in school wondering if I'd ever get a secret admirer slip a card into my locker. No such luck. I gave up by year 9 and my friends and I started to do cards for each other. Then we started doing trick cards. They weren't very good. Luminous green, big wonky love hearts drawn in crayon with huge question marks drawn inside. We slipped a few in people's lockers, a few on less favourable teacher's desks. All good, harmless fun.

My first valentines was lovely. It was 2008, I had just had my daughter and my best friend at the time dropped my partner home from college. He emerged from the car with a huge 'Me To You' card and a 'Me To You' Teddy bear holding a red rose.
In 2010 we didn't do the present buying but we made our cards. He made me a lovely one and for somebody who claims to despise art he did a pretty good job.
2011 I made him a card this time, nothing too great. I think i waddled to town in my pregnant state to buy some chocolate for him. He came home with a cute little teddy which by some miracle I still have!

He woke me up at midnight after a 10 hour shift with some flowers. We didn't really bother with anything this year and that's okay. I made him breakfast in bed and the children gave him a large picture Little Miss had painted yesterday.

My day of love was completed by a lovely cuddle from my newborn niece (no I won't shut up about her just yet!) I just hope on this Valentines Day the new addition gives her Mummy and Daddy some much need sleep!

Oh and I'm going to enjoy the chips Other Half is buying later. They'll go down nicely with a catch up of EasterEnders.
Happy Valentines my lovely readers.


  1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who is more interested in a subdued valentines day! My idea of the perfect v.day is my partner doing the majority of the parenting so I get a break, plus the card I got and I was a very happy lady by dinner time! x