Snap Slappers Week 5-Christmas Edition

I'm returning from a week off from Snap Slappers, no excuses I was just, like totally slack *hangs head in shame* but this week I'm redeeming myself by spreading some Christmas cheer (sorry Motherventing!)

Here's my pretty little singing angel I took a while ago but she may be looking pretty but Christmassy she ain't so over to to make her a little more festive.
And here's the outcome! A very warm and happy Christmas to you all!

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3 comments on "Snap Slappers Week 5-Christmas Edition"
  1. OOO you can see her heavenly glow. :-) Very Christmas-y

  2. She is gorgeous now, got all her Christmassy shizzle back! You were missed last week, thought Picnik had consumed you x

  3. Haha! Fear not, Picnik will never consume the Cupcake Mumma..well not completely anyway! x


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