Saturday is Caption Day!

The Weekend is upon us again and with this comes Saturday Is Caption Day prompted by wonderful Mammasaurus. So, link up and share you photos for some Saturday fun!

8 comments on "Saturday is Caption Day!"
  1. Ok mum, don't look now but the Gruffalo has just out of the woods... just smile and pretend you haven't noticed...

  2. "I know. Yes. It was me - shucks"

  3. Oh no the wind has changed and I'm stuck like this!

  4. "I knew spots would work well as camouflage! You can't see me, right?"

  5. Hee heeI just let out a humdinger of a bottom burp if it keep smiling she won't know it was me!

  6. 'Mmmmm look at that person eating cake over there'

  7. why do adults insist you smile, doesn't mean I have to look tho


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