Enjoying the Snow!

I was inspired by Kim from Life As Kim to write about our snow day here in Kent yesterday. 

We haven't had a decent snow fall for a couple of years now in Kent and the children have been moaning for months about it snowing almost everywhere else but here. Finally, we got snow!

A close up of a medium sized bare tree with small amount if white snow on the branches.

It was such a small amount at first that I really thought it wasnt going to do anything at all. "Yeah right will it snow," I scoffed at my eldest.

It didnt do much to be honest and I thought nothing more of it until I went to let the dog out on tuesday morning and was greeted by a thick blanket of snow at 8am. Awesome.

Midge, a white 13 year old female is wearing a long green coat, white top and black cardigan with blue jeans. She is on a pavement of snow holding Sam, a white Westie

We were a bit annoyed by the messages from school saying 'We hope you enjoy the snow but for now here is your learning for the day.' The reason this annoyed the children was becuase they had heard of various schools giving the children snow days and I was a little put out that thanks to home learning, it would appear a snow day doesn't exist in the world of school anymore...

We did get the work done though. Midge had 3 lessons on Teams and A did all his work by lunchtime. Much quicker than normal! He is supposed to have a zoom meeting every day at 1.30pm but I put the laptop away, got my coat and gloves on and went outside, the kids following behind in excitement.

A, a white boy of 10 years is laying on snow covered ground making a snow angel weaing green army joggers and a black puffer coat

Me, white femal crouching next to a brown fence and small snoeman wearing a pink coat, leggings and white trainers smiling

Midge smiling with the snowman

A crouches next to the snowman. He is also wearing red gloves and smiling

We had a mini snowball fight and built a tiny snowman we called Jimmy. (A called him Jimmy, everything is Jimmy at the moment) 

It was so nice. When I was too cold I came in but left them outside playing, laughing and shrieking like havent done in so long.

It was wonderful. 


  1. Aww! Thank you for the mention.
    The snow was very exciting and took ages to get to us too.
    That is rotten that the school didn't let you have a snow day. We whizzed through the work on Monday and then we got a snow day on Tuesday.
    It looks like you all had fantastic fun!

    1. We should have really expected it to be honest with the school but oh well! Wr had a lovely day thank you x