I Have a 13 Year Old!

It may be late but it's better late than never! My Midge has officially turned 13. A teenager. 

A photo of myself, a white, female teen wearing a black vest top with Midge as a baby in a white and pink baby gro lays on my chest.

Its mad to think I've kept this being, this wonderful, caring, sensitive and truly unique being alive and well for 13 years! 

Over her 13 years already she has moved 12 different times, gained step siblings and half siblings, moved away from family to set up a new life with her brother and I, had to settle into a blended family, start several different schools and has now settled into year 8 in this rather bizarre year.

But she's amazing. Theres just the right amount of sass with our Midge. She is kind and generous and has more patience with her brothers than I've ever had with my siblings! 

I was determined to make this birthday as special as possible despite all this lockdown crap. I've never bought a cake before but I came across Cakes Against the Grain on facebook and found a lovely dairy and gluten free cake baker who made the most gorgeous cake for her.

A 6 round chocolate cake with chocolate dripping and lit candles sits onna brown dinner table

It was hard to find gifts as shes right after Christmas but there was a few things we could get her such as false nails which she has got into recently, nail polishes, pots for all her make up brushes, art bits for her continuing love of art and she wanted a flag and badge of the colours that represent the bisexual community (another new development which we are more than happy about!) 

The boys went mad with balloons but were really well behaved. We have to have very low key birthdays here now but we put up banners and had her dinner of choice, a picky buffet tea. The girl loves her beige!

I'm so excited to see the future for Midge. At the moment she works well in school; her favourite subjects are art, religious studies and geography. She wants to be a paramedic and do something arty too (at the moment) as long as shes happy, as long as all of them are happy, I couldn't ask for more.

Welcome to the teen years Midge!

Midge, a white teen female with blond hair is amiling at the camera wearing a white tshirt with 2 birthday pancakes on a plate in front of her


  1. Happy 13th birthday Midge! Where have the years gone Hannah. Sarah xx

  2. Aww! Happy birthday Midge!
    She sounds like a lovely girl, you must be so proud.
    Well done with the cake! It looks fab and it sounds like she had a lovely day. x

  3. Isn't it lovely to watch them grow into adults? I'm glad you had a good day, I hope she loved it x