Our 2020

So 2020 has finally left the room (hope the door smacked it on the way out!) and I am here to do our usual summery of the year. I have hardly blogged in 2020, I mean I really didn't see the point. Home learning with 4 children and riding the rollercoaster of emotions meant I also didn't really feel very much in the mood or have the energy to write really anything at all. 

I haven't had some meaningful blog break, I did consider jacking it in, I even went and set up a new blog but it didn't feel right in the end. This year Cupcake Mumma would be 10. Ten!? I cant give that up just yet. So I am going to carry on with my traditional yearly post, see if by some miracle I managed any of my 2020 goals and set some new ones for 2021 because well, it gives me something to do! 

Here is our (hopefully not too long) post about what the Cupcake Kitneys got up to in 2020.

In January we celebrated Midge turning 12 and the year started off fairly simply. In Febraury we celebrated two birthdays: A turned 9 and Will turned 11 a few days later. They all celebrated with a few gifts and their chosen cakes. 

Febraury was the month people started to talk about a virus spreading but it wasnt something that was stopping everyone just yet, the wedding that was planned for my Aunt and Uncle went ahead and we had a lovely time. Little did we know it would be the only time we would see each other all year.

March is when lockdown happened. My anxiety was really bad in March and April and we didnt get up to much only home learning and adjusting to this new way of living. 

In May we celebrated James turning 9 and continued to home learn with the rest of the UK. 

During the summer we started to relax a bit. I was able to go to my local shop for essentials without losing the plot and able to collect Martyns medicines freeing up a space for others who may need deliveries etc. That felt good. We had some wonderful weather but becuase we didnt feel safe going out we got nothing for our garden. I only grew tomatoes, strawberries and raspberries this year. 

When September came all the children were back to school. Midge started year 8, Will continued home education for year 7 which wasn't our plan but we are fighting for an ehcp assessment before he starts formal education. Both James and A started year 5, one more excited than the other!

In October Mr K had his birthday. He was spoiled with treats and I bought him Battenburg cake. I celebrated my 31st at the end of October with a fairly peaceful day. I had more Care Bears and that made me happy. We did a low key Halloween as usual, carved a pumpkin and I bought all 4 kids their own little sweet box becuase I'm not really a fan of trick or treating any more.

In November, with restrictions lifted I was able to see my parents. It was so good to see them but it's sad I didnt get to see any other close family and it was a weird moment that's for sure. The children carried on with their schooling, Midge was sent home to isolate once for 14 days but thankfully it never came to anything and her friends who got sick were okay. 

December. We had james off for several weeks, eventually his school called it a day and they broke up early for the holidays. Midge had to get a test for covid which again she was thankfully negative for and returned to her normal self a day or so later. 

Both Midge and A went to Cornwall to see their Dad, which meant I got to say hello to my mum who did the return journey at our half way point. It was weird travelling and on my way back from dropping the kids off we learned Kent had gone into a tier 4. Travelling between families has always been allowed and the kids hadn't been for almost a year,  even so, it was strange. 

Our Christmas was lovely though I'm pleased to say. I'm very blessed to have known people only become mildly unwell and most of my loved ones have done as we have done and totally isolated. We had some Christmas quizzes, some lovely church meetings on zoom, we all had a lovely bunch of gifts and Martyns delicious Christmas roast dinner. 

Despite everything 2020 has not personally been my worst year. That was 2019 and it will take some beating. Of course it hasn't been easy. The pandemic particularly highlighted how far away I am from family, zoom or a phone call isnt always the same.  Our church has been wonderful and given us something do in the later part of the year. 

Mental health has been the biggest struggle, although I've had much worse in the past I've certainly had a tough time with health anxiety which is new for me. Its settled down now and I continue to work through my general anxiety like most of the population!

I hope 2021 will bring better times eventually for us all. 


  1. So lovely to catch up with you and your family. It sounds like you have had a good year despite the virus being out there.
    Wishing you, Martyn & the kids all the best for 2021 x

    1. Thanks Kim! It wasnt the worst by any stretch. Wishing you all the best too!x

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